Souls Comfort Massage Thongs - Purplish Bling

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Original massage thongs by Souls: Stylish, comfortable and with integrated wellness effect.

  • Souls is a Renowned Australian Brand.
  • Souls Comfort Massage Flip Flops are better suited for softer, sensitive feet.
  • Made of natural rubber and foam rubber (EVA).
  • Gently massage your feet as you walk.
  • Stimulates blood flow, improves circulation, massages vital pressure points.
  • Relieves aching back, legs and feet.
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    Souls launched the Original Massage Thong to the Australian market in 2001 and we are now celebrating our 15-year anniversary. Souls are custom designed to massage your vital pressure points, stimulate blood flow, improve circulation plus rejuvenate your Souls by refreshing dry skin. All of these health benefits are happening with every step you take! If you are a first time Souls user your feet may feel a little strange initially. Rest assured your Souls are hard at work massaging your feet and you will soon discover the most comfortable and beneficial pair of thongs you will ever experience! Wearing tip: If you do feel any discomfort please try wearing initially for short periods until the thongs are broken in. If you have more sensitive feet we suggest starting with the Souls Comfort Massage Thongs. Care tip: Please try not to leave your Souls in derect sunlight for extended periods during extreme heat conditions as this may cause damage to the product. Try facing the tread surface upwards if leaving in the direct sunlight.

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