Yoga Studio Recycled Chip Foam Extra Large Pad Block

£7.19  ex Vat

The 5.5kg (12lb) density of these recycled chip foam yoga blocks makes them the firmest chip foam block available. (cheaper foam blocks lack the density and durability of these). 
Blocks enhance your practice by supporting, stabilising and aligning the body. Sit on one to raise your hips for a straighter spine, or put four together for a classic shoulder stand support.

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These chipped foam blocks are almost the same as our regular blocks but may not adhere strictly to the standard sizing specification (the variance may be more than 3mm).
Made from densely compressed chipped foam, using offcuts from manufacturing other foam products, the colour varies from batch to batch, but is always of mottled / multicoloured appearance.

Please note - these blocks are not as dense as our EVA foam blocks and in comparison have a softer/squishier feel to them. If you're looking for a firm block we recommend our EVA half blocks. Blocks are usually used in pairs but please note these are sold singly. 

Size -
Length: 60cm (24" Inches)
Height: 5cm (2" Inch)
Width: 40cm (16" Inches)

Product details:

  • Help to aid alignment in yoga poses
  • Softer support than EVA foam blocks
  • Made from recycled chip foam


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