Yoga Studio SMR Trigger Point Grid Foam Massage Roller - Blue
The Yoga Studio SMR Trigger Point Grid Foam Massage Roller Extremely durable and strong the Grid Massage Foam Roller provides firm support for all body types. Featuring various surfaces to give you the ultimate foam roller self-massage experience. The roller...
£5.95 ex vat
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Yoga Studio EVA Trigger Point Foam Roller
Yoga Studio's High Density EVA Foam Roller is used by Professional Athletes, Coaches and Therapists World Wide.  Premium Closed Cell High-Density EVA Foam will not absorb moisture. We have made our Foam Roller with a Grip-Dot surface texture for superior...
£4.75 ex vat
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Yoga Mad 45cm Half Round EVA Foam Roller
This Half Round Roller is made from high-quality EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) which is extremely durable, super-strong, very lightweight, and recyclable! This roller won't get bent out of shape easily and is ideal for intensive use, either at home or in...
£8.49 ex vat
Yoga Mad 45cm EVA Foam Roller
For many users there is no need for a full length foam roller as a half length roller is long enough for many uses particularly for muscle & ITB release on the legs that has become so popular with runners...
£9.99 ex vat
Yoga Mad 90cm EVA Foam Roller
Long Foam Rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education and muscular flexibility and provide dynamic strengthening. Originally used to relieve muscular tension along the spine, hips, neck and shoulders, rollers are now widely used in Pilates and Physiotherapy to help...
£17.41 ex vat
Back Baller - Muscle Baller
The Muscle Baller is brought to us from the inventors of the famous BackBaller, (Dual Mounted Foam Roller). Muscle Baller is the single more compact version, it provides the stable base in which we can perform all our favorite SMR...
£20.10 ex vat
Yoga Studio Cork Fascia Massage Roller
Yoga Studio's Cork Fascia Massage Roller made from non-toxic and eco-friendly natural cork, it is ideal for the eco-conscious.  It is strong and sturdy but slightly textured, therefore non-slip and extremely durable. A perfect prop to mobilise the body and...
£19.99 ex vat
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