Selenite Crystal Palm Stone
Selenite Crystal Palm Stone (One Stone) Selenite is a form of crystallised gypsum. It grows as pearly, parallel crystals that are colourless to transparent and is normally found in clay beds. Selenite helps direct the flow of energy through your...
$4.00 ex vat
Natural Crystal Gemstone Wand
This lovely wands is perfect for use in reflexology or massage to stimulate the metabolism and restore motivation. Features Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth. Can be used for: Home Decor, Gift, Art, Decoration, Meditation. Tiger Eye-The tiger eye stone...
$5.00 ex vat
Chakra Gemstone Kit
The mainstream chakra system is based on a Hindu chakra system. Each of the seven major chakras has a gemstone that help balance and heal it. A chakra is believed to be a centre of activity that receives, assimilates, and...
$14.00 ex vat
Chakra Gemstone Set
Crystal Set great for meditation, chakra healing, yoga, Reiki, spiritual practice, and home decor. Features Set of seven stones with a storage box. Energy stones are good for energy balancing, meditation, crystal therapy. Material: irregular reiki crystals stone. Set contains:...
$5.00 ex vat
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