Wai Lana Urban Yoga and Pilates Mat Black & Turquoise
The best in quality, comfort, and durabilityWe have searched the world to bring you the best yoga mats for the lowest possible prices. Our team of testers selected this mat for its superior grip, support, comfort and portability.Wai Lana's Urban...
£20.07 ex vat
Sold Out
Wai Lana Burn Off DVD
Enjoy effective, time-tested yoga postures to burn off calories, toxins, and fat.You'll reshape and energise your body, massage your internal organs, and improve your metabolism. Cultivate the perfect balance of strength and flexibility ‚ as well as a deep sense...
£9.78 ex vat
Wai Lana Toning Workout DVD
Toning Workout starts with an energising breathing exercise that gets you ready for the exercises to follow. You'll practice over 15 different postures and exercises that will tone various parts of your body. You will: Tone your thighs and buttocks Increase...
£6.69 ex vat
Wai Lana Relaxation Workout DVD
This Relaxation Workout leads you through exercises that will loosen up your muscles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. In addition you will: Learn to let go of stress Massage your entire spine Increase flexibility in your elbow and shoulder joints Strengthen your...
£10.02 ex vat
Wai Lana Strengthening DVD
This invigorating workout helps you ... Build strong, healthy bones. Firm your thighs and buttocks. Strengthen and tone your abs and back. Boost your metabolism and immune system. (Running time: Approx. 50 minutes) Opción de idioma español (Spanish language option).
£10.02 ex vat
Wai Lana Easy Series DVD Tripack Set
Wai Lana's Easy Series DVD Tripack includes: Beginners Workout DVD Toning Workout DVD Relaxation Workout DVD Total running time approx. 150 minutes"Good basic instruction, a beautifully filmed location, serene, lovely original music, and adorable yoga teacher Wai Lana... make this an...
£24.09 ex vat
Wai Lana Easy Meditation for Everyone 3 DVD Presentation Set
Everyone needs refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of life that can overwhelm us. With ten different methods of Yoga Sound Meditation™ to choose from, even a few minutes of regular practice can help you...
£16.72 ex vat
Wai Lana Relaxation Yoga Workout DVD - Easy Series
This Relaxation Workout leads you through exercises that will loosen up your muscles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. In addition you will: Learn to let go of stress Massage your entire spine Increase flexibility in your elbow and shoulder joints...
£10.02 ex vat
Beginners Yoga Workout DVD - Beginners Workout DVD
Beginners Workout is designed for beginners and for those who haven't exercised for a while. It's also good for those who want to take a break from their more strenuous workouts but still want to exercise.You'll learn easy ways to: Loosen...
£10.02 ex vat
Wai Lana Little Yogis Daydream DVD
Kids fall in love with the adorable characters in Wai Lana's charming nap time cartoon. Drawing from an ancient yoga relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra, Daydream guides kids through a playful head-to-toe meditation, entertaining them as they settle down. Filled...
£8.01 ex vat
Wai Lana Children Yoga DVD set - Wai Lana's Little Yogis Daydream Kit
This charming collection makes naptime a welcome treat for everyone! Perfect for traveling, car rides, and daycare. Kit includes: Animated Daydream DVD Daydream CD Daydream Coloring Book Daydream Game Cards Daydream DVD -The perfect companion to Wai Lana's Daydream CD, this...
£19.40 ex vat
Wai Lana Little Yogis' Fun Songs CD & Lyrics Book
Description The perfect complement to her award-winning Little Yogis' exercise DVDs... Wai Lana's latest fun-filled music fest will have the whole family singing, dancing, humming and tapping! Unlike anything you've ever heard before, this inspiring album unites Wai Lana with...
£10.69 ex vat
Wai Lana Stretch 'n Relax Kit
The perfect retreat from your busy lifestyle. Relieve Stress, relax your body and increase flexibility Flexibility DVDThis effective yoga routine will help you relieve tension, improve mental alertness and increase your flexibility.Running time approx. 50 minutes Rest and Relax CDThese...
£16.72 ex vat
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